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    Judith D

    I asked an employee to send someone to the Camera dept. , this is after I interupted his texting. I waited 5 minutes, nobody showed up so I interupted the texting of the same employee and he had not called anyone. You just lost my business.

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    This store is the...

    This store is the model of ineptitude! Not only could they not competently set up my computer after several tries but they actively lied to coverup their ineptitude. Not to mention that they accused me of over reacting after the eighth time in the store to try to get my computer set up properly! Geez! Pardon me for being upset for wasting my time!!

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    Cait D

    Not only could I ...

    Not only could I not even get a customer service agent on the phone after 3 attempts, when I sent my employee to go get the product we wanted that was available online at the store we wanted and it was in stock - the staff couldn't locate it- they claimed that since they never received a call they couldn't find it and we were basically out of luck. I have no idea why if you cannot find what your company says it sells, then why not find a SOLUTION to what your customer needs?

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    K S

    New Computer and amazing customer service

    Our latest adventure to best buy took us on a new computer hunt. As of a few days ago our computer took its final resting place. That being said we were quick to find out that we couldnt live without our computer. We were deciding on pc or mac, and ran into chris. he was quick to show us what made apple special, he matched our needs with our wants and found a great computer for us both. If you are interested in some great customer service and a good fit for your next computer then check these guys out!

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