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    No matter when I ...

    No matter when I shop here I have a 20 minute to 45 minute wait at the checkout lines. Over the years this seems to have become the expected wait time. Costco doesn't care about the millions of hours of peoples time they waste every day with long lines at their stores. Line up at Costco for 45 minutes a week and, in one year, you've given up more than 40 hours of your time. How much is your time worth? Probably more than what you save, if anything, at Costco.

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    good and bad

    Very good store, clean and well organized. I've been a costco member since 2008 in Canada and prior to that about 1.5 years in UK - I love this store! The only thing i didn't like recently is the attitude of people who work at the gas station. I came in at about 9-30pm with an empty tank and found that i've lost my costco membership card. I begged him to sell me at least 1 liter of fuel so i could get to a nearest gas station, because the closest one was at superstore. The employee didn't bother even looking at the fact i indeed had low fuel indicator etc and was mean in responding to my plea. On my next visit to costco i've restored the card. I realize that it is my fault loosing a card and at 9-30pm its too late to get a new card as the store is close. However, I am still shivering from the fact that gas station employee could be so casual to those who are in need, especially at night hours.

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    Scott G

    Great Vision

    My family has been a client for 4 years and have enjoyed professional, knowledgeable staff who put a personal touch on service. The prices, especially on contacts are amazing. I am saving easily 50% on my contacts.

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