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    Long standing customer, never ever going back...

    They cut her leg, at first told me it was just a scrape, then I went to the vet and they put 9 staples in it. I had to call 3 times to finally get to talk to the owner. She told me they would not pay for the vet bill ($200) as the cut was my fault (my dog was matted and “inexperienced”). She completely blamed me, but had no concerns over the well-being of my dog, or any apologies for the injury. Horrific customer service, never expected to be yelled at because of something they did.

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    dana t

    They did a great ...

    They did a great job with haircut, nails, however ..... My dog came out UNWASHED, stinky just the way was dropped off... I called to ask what happened, just simply wanted an explanation, I even complimented them for the job they did, and in return they simply yelled at me saying how this is NOT TRUE, the dog was washed. Really?.... Paid $68 plus tip... not going back

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    Excellence in Service

    I wanted to tell everyone that Dog's Rule Pet Grooming is without a doubt the best dog grooming shop I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The staff are cheerful, pleasant and immensely patient. My little dog is nervous but they always cuddle her to help calm her down. The grooming is always excellent and my dog feels so much better after a groom. I would highly recommend Wendy and her staff to anyone who is looking for a groomer. They always take their time with all the dogs and put the needs of the pooch first regardless of the time it may take.

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    Go elsewhere

    Go elsewhere if you care about your dog: I had my dog taken there twice for grooming, the first time I agreed that it had to be cut very short because it had knots, however I noticed a couple of days later that my pet's ear had a cut too, no big deal accidents happen. The second time, there was a lack of communication between my son and them and they cut the dog's hair way too short. Despite saying they followed instructions, it is their due diligence to advise, after all they are the experts. So no much care on their side. To make things worse I phoned them this morning to express my disappointment and concern, talked to the owner and I ended hanging up on her after getting a rude treatment from that person that does not know how to treat customers. Now, ask me if there is going to be a third time...

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