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ive been to this clinic a few times and every time its been awfull the staff is verry rude !! once i went there at 9 am for my sick 2 year old and a dr wasnt going to be in till 10;30am and at 12pm i went and asked how much longer and the lady said the dr just went on lunch .... lunch !! he just got there and i ended up having to leave at 2pm (still not seeing a dr) cause i had to pick up my son from school was not happy that day at all the 4 times ive been there ive had to wait a really long time i wouldnt recomend going there unless really need to

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convenient only because its down the street from where i live. my 1 1/2 year old son has a fever and rashes in his throat and on his bum. the doctor took one look at me (im a young mom. 24) and told me that he had a throat infection and that i needed to change his bum more often because he probably has a bum rash. I asked her if she was going to look at the rashes and she said 'ya sure' and looked at his throat and said 'its swollen and has bumps so its definitely a throat infection'. i lifted the back of his pants away from his skin so she could look at the rash on his bum, she glances at it and looked at me over the top of her glasses like i was an idiot and said 'its a bum rash' and started writing a prescription. I told her that id seen bum rashes before from raising my 4 year old daughter as well and this one was totally different because its like bubbly has little pimply bumps, and i change his bum alot so i dont think its that. she says 'well obviously not enough' and finished writing a prescription. i spend 40 dollars on meds for him. bring him home but before giving the meds to him notice that the rash on his bum is spreading down his legs and its now on his fingers. NOT a bum rash. I did not feel like I was treated fairly at this medicinal clinic. it is the 4th time i have been there this month for my son (different doctor each time) and each diagnosis has been wrong and has led his symptoms to get worse. I will not take my children there again even though it is so close. I would rather go across the city to a doctor I know cares for her patients.

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Discusting attitude at front desk

The young lady at the front desk is completely rude and arrogant. I don't know who could of hired her with such an unpleasant attitude.

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