Clareview Casselman Pet Clinic

14604 50 St NW, Edmonton AB T5A 4W9
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    Mel N

    I have nothing bu...

    I have nothing but great things to say about this clinic! I have been bringing my dog there for years now and I wouldnt go anywhere else. Dr koshy is amazing and friendly along with his helpful and knowledgable staff, i would recommend this clinic to anyone! My dog needed surgery from being attacked by another dog and I brought him to clareview casselman pet clinic and they reasurred me that they would take great care of him and explained to me the procedure and what was going to be done and I couldnt be happier with how low the cost was but also how great my dog looked and felt after the drama he had experienced. He is all healed up and looks better than ever! A big thank you to clareview casselman, you guys rock!

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    Shannon M

    I strongly recomm...

    I strongly recommend this veterinarian if you're looking for the best price in town, great quality and excellent me, I've done the research.

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    I adopted a rescue puppy and this vet spayed her. Upon picking her up I was not given any take home antibiotics to ensure a fast recovery. Her stitches became infected, I took her back and all the vet did was roughly clean the area and sent me home with NO painkillers or antibiotics. I immediately took my puppy to my other dogs vet and the doctor was appalled at the low level of care of this clinic. I would NOT recommend this clinic unless you want your animal to be in as much pain as my dog.

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    We brought our 14 week old puppy here for her 2nd shots and they took her into a back room and muzzled her without permission. After hearing her yelp and cry I stepped in and said enough. She was so scared she peed herself. It is disgusting that anyone would try to muzzle a 14 week old puppy without the permission of the owner AND BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. We told them we would never come back and will be warning everyone to find a better vet.

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