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    Went for new windshield and out of province inspection. Left very unhappy, and i will never ever go back there. I'm a mechanic myself but don't have equipment or license Out of province. They told me that my back brakes were leaking, which i didn't believe cause i replaced just before. I checked afterwards and no leak. Did they lie to me? Left lug nuts on wheels loose, very dangerous. I felt disrespected and wasted my money. never go to millwoods auto!

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    Please avoid taking your vehicle to this place

    Lakshman Viswanathan in the last week Stupid experience.spent 560 dollars for nothing.my car was towed to millwoods auto repair as it seems AMA approved .they keep it for 3 days for diagnosing and told me it cost 460 for replacement of starter.i said ok and then the next day they called me to pay the bill for 560 dollars and the car was not getting started.they were not able to diagnose and told me to take it to the dealership which is a Friday evening.i need to tow it again to dealer.

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    Tony B

    I was very happy ...

    I was very happy with the service I received from Millwoods Auto Inspections. It was the first time I brought my car to this repair shop as I was referred by my friend. Mike and AL were both very friendly and took me into the shop to explain where my oil leak was coming from and what I had to do to fix the problem. The prices was great and they told me every job comes with a one year warranty.

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    Anne C

    I lost my wheel n...

    I lost my wheel nut key and they went to the local Honda dealership to unlock the nuts on my tires. I was worried they wouldn't be able to complete the job, but they found a way around the situation. They drove me to work after I dropped off my car so they could work on the car while I was working... Win. Win. Great, friendly service. Fair prices.

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    Dont let their ch...

    Dont let their cheap prices listed on their front price board fool you into thinking youve discovered a economical way of repairing your car. They listed brake repairs for under $100 but when I went in there they told me that mine would cost over 800. When called around for parts myself i found out that its only $350 for the parts. Since when does it take $450 for labor on a brake job? Be aware and stay away!

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    Dropped my SUV fo...

    Dropped my SUV for air ride problem. I was informed both balloons are gone, both height sensors and some module is gone. SUV back to them to fix the line and was told that shop was not supposed to give back the SUV as it was not repaired. Bought used compressor and dropped SUV again. Then the long wait came as they installed line after 4 days. Again paid $71 and drove SUV for about a km and air ride stopped working.

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