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  • Service: 1/5

Not honest

I was a returning customer to Millwoods Suzuki and the overall service was terrible! They quoted me a price $500 more than what I saw the same vehicle on their website for. I had issues with the original Suzuki I had purchased and had tried to deal with them direct but they simply ignored me. They did nothing to try and ensure I would be a repeat customer! I tried dealing with them in person and through letters and it was a waste of time! I will never deal with Millwoods Suzuki ever again and would not recommend them to anyone! Their competition beat their so called "Best Price" by almost $2000!

Service: 1/5
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Réponse du marchand 20 novembre 2013

I don't know who this person is as I did not receive any mail correspondance from them? Our competition has not had new vehicles in stock since the early part of the year and currently have no new Suzuki's in stock? There has been a reason we have been the number one dealer in Canada for four years and most of it would be our service and the way we treat our valued customers. When you sell the most vehicles you obviously sell for less not more. I would appreciate a call from them ( if this is an actual customer ) as our goal is to put the customer first.

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