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Basit Alqubaisi has always been passionate about mechanics and started gaining experience in the field when he was just a young boy growing up in Kuwait. “As a child, my main hobby was mechanics and I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work on different vehicles growing up,” he says. In 1996, he gathered his belongings and moved to Canada in pursuit of a higher education and establishing his own career path. Originally pursuing an accounting degree, he switched his field to mechanics at NAIT and obtained his Journeyman certificate after four years.

After working for a few dealerships and then experiencing a layoff, Basit was ready for a change. “I realized right then that I couldn’t keep working for other businesses anymore,” says Basit. “I wanted to finally be able to put my education, experience and skill set to good use.” With a newfound determination to start his own auto business, Basit took a government-sponsored business course and achieved his dream of opening Optimum Auto Service at the end of 2003. By 2013, Basit had been joined by his right-hand man Mahmud Bseis, acquired ownership of the entire building, and expanded the shop’s size to six bays.

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    Ahmad R

    I recent purchase...

    I recent purchased a used vehicle and took it to Optimum Auto service for inspection and few repairs on the car, I was quoted for $550 initially and after the worked on the car when I came to collect my vehicle the bill reached $925.... I was shocked for such expensive bill, for replacing front rotors and replacing brake pads with a very low quality pads and charging so much money for parts not worth at all! very expensive place and I will not recommend it for anyone!

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    Carrie H

    Think Twice.. Or You'll Pay Twice.

    At first I would have recommended this mechanic shop. They are all very nice and the price was much more reasonable than other shops. I then took my truck to my good friend less than a year later for maintenance and found out what I had replaced at Optimum was cracked and leaking fluid all over other parts which I have to now also get those other parts replaced too! They also gave me the wrong oil filter which didn't even filter my oil because of how it was positioned. It's not worth going here unless you feel like spending more money getting the same things fixed when they shouldn't need replacing.. I drive short distances and I am not hard on my vehicles.. these mechanics are careless.

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    Honest and Caring!!

    I had a brand new Acura that I had purchased from the dealership. I had also purchased extended warranty. I had my airbag light come on and when I went to Acura they said I had been in an accident. I have never been in an accident! Then they said it was probably a pothole I hit. They said all my sensors had gone off and needed to be replaced. They wanted to charge me $4000!! They also wouldn't honor my warranty. I took my car to Optimum for a second look. They found nothing to be wrong with my car. It obviously had not been in an accident and they fixed my problem for the price of the diagnostic only. They took such great care of me and my car. They were meticulous in diagnosing the problem and making sure everything was perfect. Being a female I usually hate going to any mechanic but they didn't make me feel uncomfortable or taken advantage of. I'm happy to know of an honest local business that takes pride in their work. Thank you so much for saving me $4000!!!

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    Phuong D

    They are an hones...

    They are an honest local company. They treat their customers very well and being a female I feel no intimidation or pressure from them. They are not out to steal your money or rip you off. They are genuine and I highly recommend them.

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    Needed to get the job redone elsewhere

    I brought my vehicle in on a dealfind coupon and asked them to check my brakes. The brakes were causing a lot of noise and didn't feel right when I brought the car into the shop. This auto repair shop told me that I needed front brake pads and the rear brakes needed to be adjusted. After I got my vehicle back, it continued to make the terrible noises and almost seemed worse. I brought it back to the shop and we took it for a test drive. Of course, it didn't act up during the test drive. My brakes continued to make horrible noises, so I took it to my old repair shop to check. They found the front boot dust cover was cracked (which needs to be removed to put new pad on), and the rear brakes plate was bent. Do you think if this was a problem when they checked the brakes originally, they would have noticed it? Perhaps it wasn't a problem when I brought it in, but maybe the damage was done when they worked on the brakes. I guess I will never know for sure, as I lost my confidence in them and didn't take it back a third time. I did write a letter to them and ask for a refund. The letter was never answered, nor did they call, as requested in the letter. I eventually called them back and they said I should have brought my car back to them to repair, therefore, refused to refund my money,

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    Emily N

    Professionals through and through!!

    As a new resident of Edmonton and having just purchased my first car, I was amazed out how thorough, helpful, and genuine Basit and his crew were/are. A neighbour recommended I go see him as soon as possible and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised when he told me that it could be done whenever I had the time. Basically, you'll never find a shop more accommodating, efficient, or quick as Optimum Auto Service. I can't imagine bringing my car anywhere else. I've even suggested to my parents that they drive up specially to get their car repaired by these guys.

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    Honest Mechanic, Great service!

    Been going to Optimum Auto for a few years now. Always been happy with the work done, and they have always been upfront and honest with me. Thanks to Basit and his team!

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    Amazing service!!!!!

    When my jeep brokedown, several of my friends kept telling me "Take it to Optimum! Take it to optimum! You won't be sorry...." Being the skeptic I am, I was hesitant, but I decided to take their advice.....and I truly couldn't be happier!!! Basit and his team are very honest, professional, and provide exceptional quality service. I was really impressed and would never take my vehicles anywhere else. I genuinely recommend anyone looking for a trustworthy mechanic to go to Optimum Auto Service. Go ahead, check them won't be sorry!

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    ~~~~~~~~not enough stars can be given~~~~~~~~

    I Should have done this a while ago.. I came across Optimum through a client of mine and I thought I would check it out... Very Professional, Fully Certified... Excellent service, Honest and no upselling. They made a recommendation if something needed to be replaced. His employees are great and the Basit is the best Mechanic in Edmonton HANDS DOWN!! Give Basit, Mahmood or Ramil an opportunity to service your vehicle and i'm sure you won't go back to anyone else. Keep up the excellent Service guys!! :)

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