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    Do not deal with Summerland Travel

    Booked a flight with them for my 65 year old mother who has physical disability, they promised in writing one free change on return date providing she returns within 3 months. I called them two days before her return home to change return date they redirected me to speak to Air Canada who was surprised with the agency's behavior, Air Canada asked for $ to change the flight date, I read what Summerland e-mailed me upon paying for mom's ticket, and they advised me to speak to Summerland. I called Summerland left a message for a Frey, who returned my call a day later, and said she ll have to check with Air Canada, did not hear from her in 3 days I called her back she then sent me an e-mail saying my mom was a "no-show" on her flight back and they will not honor the "one free change"! after a debate she promised to talk to her manager, who is never at work!!!" and Frey redirected me to air Canada, who were willing to look into the situation and try to accommodate as much as they can. I called Frey after a few days, as I did not hear back from her, and I wanted to see what the heck happened with her talking to her manager, Frey said her manager said there is nothing they can do and now our whole ticket is null and no longer good, we must purchase a brand new return ticket for mom!!!! I asked to speak to the manager, Frey says her manager is on holidays and no one can help me, I insisted on speaking to someone else, so there comes a lady who started professionally, but in minutes I recognized she was as unprofessional and as inexperienced as Frey, they both insisted that mom should now buy a new ticket to come back home, they added that Summerland is no longer able to access the ticket!!!! I got mad and challenged them over the phone so the agent hung up on me!!! I called air Canada and told them the story they were SHOCKED, they said that my agent is "lying" to me as the ticket is good for one year they booked my mom the time to fly back and waived the penalty!!

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