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  • Service: 2.3/5
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Shane F

Best sales man

Hey I went to team Ford to find a nice new truck and I found Kelly Zack he is the best and made the experience verry easy I'm looking forward to buying my next truck from there when you go to team Ford ask for Kelly Zack

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Sylvie M


I bought a 2013 Ford Edge a couple months ago, my second Edge bought from Team Ford now. All in all, as much of a pain in the butt that I was, they were very nice to me. Salesguy Hector was honest, and not full of baloney. Twila, the Number-Cruncher-Deal-Maker, was always super nice to me, and pleasant, and patient. Finance people took the time to answer all my specific questions when reviewing the numbers (I was confirming that I actually got what I negotiated for my trade when all was said and done). And then, the cherry on top was Rick Lacon, the Wrap-Up guy. It ended up that I forgot to be particular about the rims I got on my vehicle and I ended up really disliking them and I mentioned it to Rick. He said, let’s see what I can do. He got me the most smokin’ deal on a set of rims, it was a one-off situation, I got lucky, and Rick bent over backwards for me. And now I LOVE my new Edge, wheels and all! And to this day, when I have a question about my Sync, or I have a rattle in my dash, I just swing by and they take care of it right away. They went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. I will for sure be back for another Edge from Team Ford after I pay this one off!

Service: 5/5
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I would recommend avoiding this dealership. I have never dealt with a dealership that was so out of touch with their staff and their decisions and how incredibly rude they are. Despite all of the poor reviews and warning we got about Team Ford, we decided to check it out because a friend of ours was a salesman there. Initially everything appeared well, until money exchanged hands. Customer service seemed to steeply decline after that. The staff there were rude and pushy with signing financial papers and whatever our salesman seemed to say was totally different from what was actually going to happen. Our vehicle was late coming off of the truck and even though I was told to put insurance on it for a specific date, it was not ready for that time. Our 'friend' the salesman was supposed to drive our vehicle in himself on the morning of our possession. When he finally showed up in the late afternoon he came flying around the corner in front of our house so fast the SUV leaned to the side. He left us with numerous rock chips in the windshield and drove off in a hurry. Needless to say it was a fight to get the repairs done on the vehicle and when the damage was being repaired the salesman (our 'friend') was very rude and made a scene yelling at me in front of the windshield repair shop, telling me how mad he was that I sold him out to his boss what he did to the vehicle. This friend is currently slandering us on Facebook (very professional). I would not recommend this dealership to anyone and I would really reconsider giving Ford a chance if they think its acceptable to have a dealership such as this.

Service: 1/5
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Nick N


SERVICE DEPARTMENT OVERCHARGES YOU - The Team Ford Service Department quoted me work for several items (8) to be done / replaced (water pump & hose replacement, front stabilizer links, gasket N10, oil change, V6 Major Tune up, fuel induction service) as being about $1600.00. I picked up my vehicle 7.5 hrs later with a bill in hand for $2250.00. I was upset with the service for several reasons: firstly they overcharged me hourly for 10 hours of work saying they were following the guidelines of the Mitchell Log. The Mitchell Log is a ‘guide’ in determining the time required for particular vehicle services. I believe that they are abusing this guide by applying it literally with no common sense; secondly they found $295 in errors on my bill which they credited me, but they still did not give me back my 2 hours of labor; thirdly, I had to go back three times to get the hoses checked as they kept leaking; and lastly, since April 7, 2010 they keep calling me to buy a vehicle or that I need service despite my repeated reminders that I will never go by to that location again. It took them 11 mths to finally take me off there.

Service: 1/5
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