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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Andrea H

    My dog came home so happy, behaving, and pretty! The staff were so professional and I will be using their services again.!

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    Terrible. The enc...

    Terrible. The enclosures are small and have too many dogs in them. There is an older woman (with 4 small dogs of her own) I've seen yanking dogs around by their collars. If your dog stays overnight, they are locked in a kennel from 5 pm until morning. I'll never bring my dog there again

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    Kirsten H

    The kennels are smal

    The kennels are small and hard. I saw a dog yanked around by his collar very harshly, and another that wa being groomed have his chin yanked on while I waited to pick up my dog who had a nick in her ear. runs are lined with rocks and not grass, I would not take my dog back ever.

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    Terrible experience

    Simple grooming of our dogs, did not follow discussed agreements. When addressed with the issue the owner was incredibly harsh and not professional in any manner. If there was a issue in what was requested then consulting is before doing whatever she wanted, would of been preferred. Now we have two dogs with silly looking cuts and no desire to ever do business here again. With all the great groomers in town, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

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    Grooming and boarding

    I wanted to write a review for Muttley Crew especially after reading the other reviews on here. They are all a bit unfair I would say. I have used Muttley Crew before and so have friends and other family members. I trust them completely with my dogs. I have 2 dogs and honestly would not take them anywhere else. Not only does Muttley Crew groom and board but their personal lives revolve around dogs. They breed 2 Canadian Kennel club registered breeds. The Australian Shep and im not sure what the other little breed is. They travel all around the world with them. They know how to groom and raise their own dogs and do it very well, so I trust their ability. They know what a dog or cat emergency is as well. They have given medications to my own dog while boarding and I know that if their was a medical emergency they would not hesitate to call their vet clinic and deal with it right away. Who better to look after your pets well being, then people who themselves own a number of dogs, pets and show dogs. Yes, I agree that the possibility is there for your pet to come home dirty at times from playing with all the other dogs or some of the other trivial complaints listed on here, but how much does that all REALLY matter?? Did your dog have a clean, fun safe environment to stay at while you were off enjoying yourself on a holiday or getaway?? That is what is important. Their safety and well being. Honestly, I dont even care if my dogs are a bit bored while im away(they dont play well with others and are not allowed to play with the other dogs) If they are well looked after, thats all I care about. My advice, go tour the facility. Meet the owners. Talk to them about any concerns or questions you may have. Then make a decision whether you want to take your dog there, I think you may be surprised, the negative reviews are not 100 % accurate.

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    Great place

    Not only do the staff care about the animals, they actually are very knowledgable! Not very many places you can go in the hat that actually know dogs! I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else! Love muttley crew they are the best

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    Huxlee B

    Great history

    In the 5 years we have taken our dog to this store, we have NEVER had a problem. Candy (my dog) has always come back looking great. Now that candy has passed away. I will be taking my dog bumpkin to them. Great staff. Great groomers. The scathing reviews this store has been given are hard to believe considering the history we have with them.

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    Never again

    Without going into all the details I would never ever take my dog back to this place. They made a large error and completely shaved our dog when we asked for a brushing. It took about 4 months to grow back and they said they would rectify the situation by doing a free service the next time. Well, it is "next time" and they (in a very snooty voice) told me they would NEVER do a grooming for free. I was told the lady remembers speaking with me and she never said anything about a free service (considering the call was ONLY about the free service I would be getting (to retain me as a customer) I find it hard to believe.) I was told I was speaking to the owner today, but usually you can get a good idea of age from over the phone and given her demeanor I would guess I was speaking to a 20 year old. I think the actual owner is quite a bit older. I was very appalled by her immediate response and will never return. I suppose this will make them happy because that girl did get quite an earful from this pregnant lady.

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    Not impressed.

    Our dog is a gentle giant. You would think that staff at a Kennel would take the time to understand that a dog is going to be slightly out of sorts and may need a walk through into to the facility and intro to other dogs. Instead they immediately decided that our dog "could possibly" harm another dog and so they isolated her for her entire stay. (they told us this when we picked her up. ) I'm disappointed b/c had someone taken 5 mins with her to settle her or get to know her from the beginning she would have been fine. I think it was laziness. They told me she did not get to go out and run with the other dogs but they had a smaller kennel they put her in for outside time. No walks. Nada. NOT the best place for your pet.

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    Very displeased with service

    I took my dogs there to be kenneled while on vacation, and when I returned to pick them up they were completeley filithy with one dog having feces stuck to his butt for who knows how many days. When I brought it to the owner's attention I receieved no apologies only rude dismissal of the fact. I would not recommend anyone bring there dog there for grooming or kenneling.

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