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    extremely rude

    Have been meaning to stop in this store for some time but never had the chance. I had 20 minutes to kill and stopped on my way home from work. There was no other customers in the store and I walked down each isle checking out their stock. I forgot my glasses and was having trouble reading some of the labels. I never touched any bottles or made any noise. A man whom I assumed was the owner approched me and said he thought I was just there checking prices and he wanted me to leave. I asked if he was serious and he told me that there were plenty of liquor stores for me to shop and to leave now. I have lived in St. Albert for about 48 yrs and worked here for over 20. Never have I been asked to leave a store before and for no reason other then how I looked

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    26 juillet 2016

    We took over this store in 2012 and would love to make up for the bad experience this customer had with the previous owner.

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