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    This was a horrible decision on my part. I called asking for a referral to a lawyer to draft a basic Pre-nub/co-habitation agreement. They took my M/C and took two payments, and only sent me brochures, books and DVD's about divorce, nothing about what I asked for. I thought I had cut my losses, but then received an un-authorized charge on my M/C a year later, which I have been fighting for 2 weeks to get back.

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    11 juin 2014

    I do not think this individual was dealing with this Family Law Centre.We do not get involved with prenuptual agreements. We just deal with separation divorce or custody of children. I know there are a number of firms across Canada that deal with prenuptuals, but we deal only with divorces and custody. We do refer to lawyers that would do a prenuptual, but they would not get going through our service. If this person did use our service, then please have them call us so we can clear this up.

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