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    Tannis M

    I'm not normally one to say much about any cab company but I've got to say, today Central Valley saved my butt.When somebody's in a pinch they sure came to the rescue in a jiffy. Thanks so much.

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    Emily H

    The office staff ...

    The office staff are rude and they need to take some customer service seminar... or better yet go ask their mother to teach them some manners...

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    Excellent custome...

    Excellent customer service.

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    Joseph V

    Dont bother with this company get another taxi

    i had taken my father in-law out for breakfast on fathers day, when i realized i had forgotten my daughters diaper bag in the taxi. so i called the taxi company while we where still at the restaurant to ask if he had it, the lady on the phone confirmed that the driver had it, and that he would call us back and arrange a time to meet. i waited 2 days and i still had not received a call so i called them back, we attempted to arrange a time again, however i still got no call. after three times of calling and getting the same outcome, i called again only this time i said i would pick up the bag, the guy on the phone told me that i was mistaken and that the driver did not have the bag. and when i asked to talk to a manager they said there was no one in and that if i called back the next day i could talk to someone. when i called the next day i was told the same thing only this time there story had changed again they said my bag had already been dropped of. so all in all it took over a week before i could talk to a manager where nothing was done about it, the people where rood to me on the phone, there story had changed three times, despite the driver confirming he had my bag, and seriously how many customers could he have taken from my house, to the exact location we where dropped of with the exact bag i had within a 45min span of time. this taxi service put me through all that and in the end did not even had the audacity to give me an apology for my troubles. they are a poor service and my recommendation is to call another taxi or just walk.

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