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    Rosemary H

    I have known Sandy for about 20 yrs and have bought 2 dogs from her kennel...Visited the kennel when we bought our first dog and was amazed at how clean and organized it was...We saw the whole business and we were really impressed with Sandy...She is a no nonsense person and tells you exactly how it is...Any time we needed to talk to Sandy about either of our dogs she was always available.I would not hesitate to reccomend Woodsides for anyone looking to buy a German Shepherd.

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    I have purchased two shepherds from this breeder. They are of quality and healthy. I found her to be very knowledgeable of the breed and very caring about her dogs. She has been helpful with any concerns or issues that I have had and has assisted me in raising these puppies. I'm happy that I found a breeder that is always accessible and continues to be a resource to me.I would recommend her for a puppy.

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    Do not buy from this breeder.

    Friend purchased a puppy from this breeder 3 months ago. The puppy has weak nerves and is incredibly insecure. Due to the weak nerves and lack of temperament testing from the breeder, as a puppy, she is extremely aggressive and is showing reactive issues. The puppy is aggressive towards other dogs, literally baring her teeth at them and snapping at them, while snapping at strangers. Do not buy from this breeder, your life will be committed to 13 years of a dog scared of it's own shadow & world.

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    Kaitlyn D

    Please please do not get your puppy from woodside

    We have a 1 year old puppy from her that we have been having issues with since 6 months of age. She has already bitten someone and has major reactivity problems with people and dogs. We have spent a lot of time and money on training now trying to fix. Sandy will be of very little help to you when things go wrong and will place all the blame on you. We have now heard of 4 other puppies from woodside who are all having major reactivity problems at 6 months of age. Please go anywhere else.

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