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2121 Hartley Ave, Coquitlam BC V3K 6Z3
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    HEimin L

    They have a bad attitude !!!!!

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    Joselito R

    The worst taxi co...

    The worst taxi company ever! Seriously! Who waits 40 mins for a taxi? It only took me 15 mins to get home and the only reason I called them is because I have groceries with me and it was raining.

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    I just want to ex...

    I just want to explain where should they pick up they cut the line

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    Geoff H

    Horribly rude cus...

    Horribly rude customer service reps. When tried to explain where the cab needs to go for pick up, he cut me off multiple times. After telling the rep that he was being quite rude he responded with "well, you're not getting a taxi then" and hung up. Would rather walk than be disrespected. Won't use them again ever.

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    We have used Bel-...

    We have used Bel-Air for about 5 years. The service has been spotty. Sometimes they come right away other times they don't come at all. We will no longer be using them. Today I pre-ordered my cab over 1 hr in advance. They went to the wrong location. Left and didn't call us to tell us. So we called, they re-ordered the Dad is still waiting over 1 hr and 30 mins and counting. They have been sooo incredibly rude. Handing up on us over and over again. Do NOT use Bel-Air. They do not care about their customers. Now, on Father's Day, we have to order our food to go and drive to my Dad's Care Home just to try and salvage his special day.

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