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1890 Baron Rd, Kelowna BC V1X 6G3
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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    These guys are the best. Best anywhere, maybe... I have a BMW 135i with a fairly heavily modified suspension. BMW couldn't align my car without charging me double... The guys at RH Wheel & Brake know exactly how to align modified cars in order to get the best possible handling without sacrificing tire longevity or causing excessive wear of their inside/outside edges. I know of at least one performance shop in Kelowna that refers all their alignments to these guys. They are the best..

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    I brought my truc...

    I brought my truck in early for a 10:30 appointment and they had my alignment done by then! Not only that but they worked with me to call the dealer and had them pay for the service since the dealer had made an error on previous service.

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