Flourishing Chinese Seafood Restaurant

20472 Fraser Hwy, Langley BC V3A 4G2
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Flourishing Chinese Seafood Restaurant (604-343-7990) - Annonce illustrée======= - 7.75 Beef w/Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce 9.75 Minced Chicken in Creamed Corn Soup 5.99 10.50 Chicken Chow Mein 7.75 Beef w/Two Kinds of Mushrooms 9.75 Assorted Seafood & Bean Curd Soup 6.75 11.50 Beef Chow Mein 7.75 Sliced Beef w/Curry Sauce (Hot) 9.75 Minced Beef w/Egg Drop Soup 6.50 10.50 Shrimp Chow Mein 8.50 5.50 9.50 Beef Chow Fun (Broad Rice Noodles) 8.50 Beef and Broccoli 8.99 Consomme Soup  (per bowl) 1.75 Beef Chow Fun in Black Bean Sauce 8.50 Sauteed Beef with Oyster Sauce 9.99 Beef & Vegetable Chow Fun 8.50 CHEF S SPECIAL Beef Satay Chow Fun 8.50 Sauteed Beef Green Beans in Black Bean Sauce 9.99 Pan Fried Beef w/Seasonal Vegetable Flourishing Lettuce Wrap 11.99 Special Fried Rice 8.00 Minced Beef with Spinach 9.99 Combo Seafood Lettuce Wrap 12.99 Beef Tomato Fried Rice or Chow Mein 8.50 Honey Garlic Shredded Beef 12.00 Minced Beef Lettuce Wrap 11.99 Shrimp Fried Rice 7.75 Combo Seafood in Bird s Nest 14.75 PORK Beef Fried Rice 7.75 Sauteed Prawns in Bird s Nest 13.75 Peking Style Ribs 9.99 Chicken Fried Rice 7.50 Sauteed Scallops in Bird s Nest 15.00 Spareribs Roasted in Pepper Salt (Hot) 9.99 BBQ Pork or Mushroom Fried Rice 7.50 Sauteed Chicken in Bird s Nest 12.00 Sweet and Sour Spareribs w/Pineapple 8.99 Hawaiian Fried Rice 8.50 Spicy Prawns (Hot) 14.50 Curried Beef Fried Rice or Chow Mein 8.50 Sweet and Sour Boneless Pork w/Pineapple 8.75 Spicy Scallops (Hot) 15.00 Chicken & Salty Fish Fried Rice 8.50 Shredded Pork w/Peking Style Sauce 8.95 Honey-Moon Fried Rice 10.99 Minced Pork in Crispy Vermicelli (Hot) 10.50 Pork in Chilli and Garlic Sauce (Hot) 9.50 Minced Beef on Steamed Rice 7.50 Minced Pork w/Green Beans Braised (Hot) 9.99 Honey Garlic Boneless Pork 9.75 Fish Maw w/Minced Chicken Soup 6.75 11.75 Shanghai Style Chow Mein (Hot) 8.50 Beef Szechuan Style (Hot) 9.75 Rainbow Bean Cake Soup 6.75 11.75 Singapore Style Fried Rice Noodle (Hot) 8.50 Sauteed Beef w/Pineapple and Ginger 9.75 Crab Meat w/Fish Maw Soup 7.75 12.99 Fried Rice Noodle in Sweet & Sour Sauce 8.50 Braised Bean Cake w/Minced Beef (Hot) 9.50 Mixed Seafood & Dried Scallop Soup 7.99 12.99 Beef Chow Fun in Curry Sauce 8.50 Sauteed Beef w/Fresh Tomatoes 8.99 Mushroom & Green Pea Egg Swirl Soup Voted Langley s #1 Seafood Restaurant 604-539-4535 FLOURISHING FLOURISHING 20472 Fraser Hwy., Langley CHINESE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 7 DAYS A WEEK Sun-Thurs  11:30am - 10pm Fri & Sat 11:30am - 11pm FRIED RICE & CHOW MEIN BEEF SOUP Mixed Seafood Chow Mein (Crispy) 10.50 Flourishing Orange Beef (Hot) 11.50 Wonton Soup 4.50 8.00 Cantonese Chow Mein (Crispy) 9.99 Sliced Beef w/Black Pepper Sauce (Hot) 9.99 Wor Wonton Soup 6.95 11.99 Flourishing Mixed Meat & Veg Chow Mein 9.99 Ginger Fried Shredded Beef (Hot) 10.99 Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup 6.50 10.75 Special Shrimp Chicken, Pork Chow Mein 8.50 Filet Mignon Chinese Style 11.50 Seafood Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup 7.25 12.50 BBQ Pork or Mushroom Chow Mein 20.99 8.99 Mixed Seafood on Fried Rice 10.50 Shredded Pork w/Egg Plant in Chili Garlic Sauce (Hot) 9.99 Honey Garlic Spareribs 8.99 Steamed Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce 12.00 Dry Garlic Boneless Pork 8.75 CHOP SUEY Sauteed Chinese Mushrooms & Seasonal Vegetable 9.99 Dry Garlic Spareribs 8.75 House Special Chop Suey 8.75 Buddha Feast 8.99 BBQ Pork w/Deep Fried Bean Curd 8.99 Prawns Chop Suey 8.99 Honey Walnut Prawns 12.95 Beef Chop Suey 8.50 Sliced Pork w/Garlic, Pepper & Cabbage (Hot) 9.75 Sea Cucumbers w/Chinese Mushrooms 16.50 BBQ Pork Chop Suey 8.50 Mu Shu Pork (with 8 Pcs. Pan Cakes) 10.50 Mushroom Chop Suey 8.00 Deep Fried Prawns Steamed Stuffed Bean Curd 12.99 Pork w/Chinese Mushrooms & Bean Sprouts 9.25 Chicken Chop Suey 8.50 Peking Duck (served in 3 courses) 35.95 Tender Pork w/Taro Roots (Pork Belly) 10.50 Mixed Seafood Chop Suey 9.25 Choice of: Duck Meat Soup, Shredded Duck Meat Tender Pork w/Salted Vegetables (Pork Belly) 10.99 with Bean Sprout, Ginger & Pineapple or Lettuce Wrap Steamed Chop Suey w/Oyster Sauce 8.00 CHICKEN SEAFOOD SPECIAL GROUP DINNERS Deep Fried Crispy Chicken Half:11.00 Whole: 9.99 41.99 Flourishing Orange Chicken (Hot) 11.50 Deep Fried Oysters 12.00 4 Egg Rolls, Chicken Chow Mein, Shrimp Fried Rice EGG FOO YUNG Sweet and Sour Fish Balls w/Pineapple 9.99 Sweet & Sour Pork, Special Chop Suey, Almond Chicken House Special Egg Fu Yung 8.99 Pan Fried Fish Fillet w/Seasonal Vegetable 9.95 Dinner for 6 51.99 Shrimp Egg Fu Yung 8.99 6 Egg Rolls, Chicken Chow Mein Mu Shu Shrimp (w/8 Pcs. Pan Cakes) 10.50 Shrimp Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Pork BBQ Pork Egg Fu Yung 8.50 Steamed Black Cod w/Black Bean Sauce 13.99 Cashew Nut Guy Ding, House Chop Suey Chicken Egg Fu Yung 8.50 Steamed Garlic Prawns (with Shell) 15.75 Deep Fried Prawns Mushroom Egg Fu Yung 8.50 Live Lobster w/Choice of Sauce                         CURRENT PRICE FREE Beef Egg Fu Yung 8.50 Live Crab w/Choice of Sauce                             CURRENT PRICE DELIVERY 8.95 COMBINATION PLATE A Almond Chicken Filet 9.75 Pan Fried Prawns w/Fresh Tomatoes 9.50 1 Egg Roll, Sweet & Sour Pork Diced Chicken with Cashew Nut & Vegetables 8.75 Seafood Combo Sauteed with Wine 12.50 Chicken Chow Mein, Deep Fried Prawns Almond Guy Ding 8.75 Mixed Seafood Roasted in Pepper Salt (Hot) 12.75 COMBINATION PLATE B 8.95 Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls w/Pineapple 9.25 Roasted Prawns w/Shell in Pepper Salt (Hot) 12.75 1 Egg Roll, Pork Fried Rice Chicken w/Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce 9.99 Chicken Chow Mein, Almond Chicken Prawns with Black Bean Sauce 11.50 Breaded Boneless Chicken w/Lemon Sauce 9.99 Steamed Prawns (with Shell) 14.50 COMBINATION PLATE C 8.25 11.50 Chicken w/Curry Sauce (Hot) 9.99 Sweet & Sour Pork, Beef Chop Suey Pan Fried Prawns w/Seasonal Vegetable 10.99 Sesame Seed Chicken (Hot) 10.50 Dinner for 3 31.99 Prawns Omelette Chinese Style Gung Bo Chicken (Hot) 8.75 Beef Chop Suey, Deep Fried Chicken Wings Prawns Pan Fried with Curry Sauce (Hot) 11.75 Shredded Chicken w/Oyster Sauce 9.99 Pork Fried Rice Szechuan Style Prawns (Hot) 11.75 Chicken w/Asparagus Black Bean Sauce 12.00 Dinner for 2 21.99 Shrimp with Cashew Nuts & Diced Vegetables 9.50 Chicken Szechuan Style (Hot) 9.99 2 Egg Rolls, Chicken Chow Mein Prawns with Four Kinds Vegetables 12.00 Dai Chin Spicy Bone In Chicken (Hot) 10.99 3 Egg Rolls, Chicken Chow Mein Pan Fried Scallops w/Seasonal Vegetable 12.00 Mu Shu Chicken (w/8 Pcs. Pan Cakes) 10.25 Sweet & Sour Pork, Beef w/Broccoli, Pork Fried Rice Squid w/Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce 10.99 Dinner for 4
Flourishing Chinese Seafood Restaurant (604-343-7990) - Annonce illustrée======= - FLOURISHING CHINESE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Voted Langley's #1 Seafood Restaurant Live Crab Cantonese & Szechuan & Lobster Dim Sum Daily Catering For All Events Fully Licensed & Air Conditioned Daily Specials No MSG on Request Free Delivery 7 Days a Week 20472 Fraser Hwy, 11:30 - 10 Weekdays Langley, B.C. 11:30 - 11 Weekends 604-539-0695

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