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    Emily L

    Every time I have...

    Every time I have ever gone to this clinic was because I get chronic UTI's. So I know what I need when I go in , just more antibiotics. Just to see a doctor for 2 seconds to write on a piece of paper the name of a prescription drug, I have to wait about 2 hours every single time. It. Is. So. Slow.

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    Rayelle C

    Awful experience....

    Awful experience. While I waited over 2 hours to see a doctor I was forced to listen the very impatient office assistant belittle patients on the phone, slam it down 3 times, and angrily call people's names as though they have done her some sort of injustice by seeing the doctor that day. Won't be back, that's for sure!

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    I really like the...

    I really like the Drs here. It's usually really fast but when they're busy they tell you the right time to come back. I've always been happy with my experiences here, never had any problems and I've been several times.

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    0xLights .

    Worst clinic I ha...

    Worst clinic I have ever been to absolutely rude here and do not help you with your situation what so ever!

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    kirsten m

    Every time me or ...

    Every time me or one of my family members have gone here, we are either hardly looked over or we are prescribed medication for the wrong thing. The doctors basically will tell you anything to get you to leave quickly. Worst drop in clinic in maple ridge as far as I'm concerned.

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    Hailey E

    Went for a itchy ...

    Went for a itchy scalp problem once and the first doctor I had googled stuff on his phone and prescripted me something that burned my head (which isn't the problem) but he looked through my hair and said I didn't have lice or anything. Went back again and had a really rude female doctor named Dr.zubick, she then said that I did have lice and kept repeatedly shoving it down my throat like I hadn't heard it the first time, and that my head was covered in it... Just plain rude. Yes I was helped the second time. But I wasted my money the first time on some prescription. Then my second doctor was completely rude.

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