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    Leaving one star because they don't deliver anywhere in Maple Ridge, yet they are a Maple Ridge store. I live 10 minutes driving distance from their store and they refused to deliver to me, even with the big order I was wanting to order. One customer lost.

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    Ian M

    Bought two pizzas...

    Bought two pizzas last nite the Hawaiian one was mediocre--but the second one a canadian -tasted like salty cardboard-very little cheese or toppings--taking it back this am --never shop here again-lots of staff all milling around and chatting w each other

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    Caleb N

    My pizza is alway...

    My pizza is always late and cold also horrible customer service

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    Keith M

    the pizza's are v...

    the pizza's are very tasty. one pain can be being forced to order certain

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    Landon F

    This is the only ...

    This is the only Pizza Hut in Maple Ridge and they would not deliver to our house in Silver Valley! If Pizza Hut feels that we are too far from their location to deliver, they should probably open antoher location downtown Maple Ridge so that they can serve customers instead of simply turning them away. I can easily just order from the competition. Thanks for doing great business Pizza Hut! Panago, Dominos, and every other pizza place in Maple Ridge seems to have no problem at all with this task.

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