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  • Service: 3/5
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I love wilde cuts...

I love wilde cuts, they are the friendliest, most welcoming salon ive been to. You feel like youve known them for years while chatting with them. Great place, great hearts, great hair advice. The lady owner helped me fix my damaged hair and taught me how to style it at home. Great family owned shop, they are the best!

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Shaun N

happy customer

I have getting my hair done at wild cuts for years. Always a smile, pleasant word, and giving me exactly what I want.

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Horrible service

All in All I waited over an hour for a haircut I didn't event get because I walked out and left over how inconsiderate, rude and horrible the service is here. I support small business but this was rediculous

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forever gratefull

I woke to my sreaming daughter. She tangled her hair in her comb. Which i could not get out.EVEN after i tried cutting it, it was a mess. So i took her to every salon to help me, no one would take her before 9am it was her grad. So imagine how i felt. We ended up at wilde cuts at 815am they weren't open but they took pity on us and let us in and fixed her hair for grad. The place looked great the staff were so nice. They saved her hair that day we will always remember their kindness. They have clients in us forever. Thank you wilde cuts. Your the BEST.

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They don't allow disabled clients with scooters

I went to Wilde Cuts today to get a hair-cut before the HST went into effect and was turned away because I use a scooter. I was told that they don't allow scooters into the shop and I would have to park it outside and walk back in. The problem is I cannot walk. I told the staff this and they didn't seem to care. So I left the shop. There were no other customers in the store and they turned away a paying customer... I won't be back. I'll be sure to tell everyone I know not to do business there.

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