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  • Service: 1/5
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Michelle P

The little Britis...

The little British doctor has a serious attitude problem. Don't go there. He doesn't listen and walks off when you are still talking. Might as well have gone to a tree.

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I found the docto...

I found the doctor neglectful and disrespectful leaving the room while I was in mid sentence regarding my concerns. Very disappointed with this clinic each and every time I return!

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Eric O

short hair Blonde...

short hair Blonde European receptionist is very rude she lacks customer service by far. She doesn't make you feel inviting at all especially when your sick. horrible service if there was a 0 star they would definitely fall in that category

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Nelson Z


I remember going there a year ago and having to wait for ridiculously long times. Even though it was a "walk-in" clinic, I had to wait longer than some other people who came after me who apparently had appointments. Eventually, I think I was the last or second last to get called. I remember constantly asking how much longer I would have to wait and I would always get an answer like "only 2 more people" when really it was like 10 more people before me, some of them arriving after I did. Needless to say, this was a very frustrating experience for me. They only had one or two doctors available and the one I saw had terrible courtesy. I got the impression that he wanted me out of there as quick as possible so he could see the next patient. The doctor was an old guy and I hope he reads this review I wrote.

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Andrew D

The worst walk-in in Greater Vancouver?

I have moved around the city and as such been to drop-ins good and bad in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam and North Vancouver. Keeping in mind that no drop-in/walk-in experience is ideal, this place takes the cake for the worst service and least helpful walk in I have ever been to. The staff there and the doctors seem to have a complete disregard for common sense and have no desire to really help you, only cycle through as many patience as legally allowable. With wait times of almost three hours and absolutely no regard for the patient's discomfort or care, it's a wonder these people are even allowed to practice medicine when they really have all the skills necessary for an inbound cell phone call centre.

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