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Gerard Neault and his wife Sharon first opened The Cat and Dog Shop in 1997 as an extension of Sharon’s previous animal-based business, All About Cats, which was primarily focused on giftware for cats. However, once Gerard retired, he jumped in enthusiastically to assist his wife, drawn by a love of animals and wanting to provide the healthiest food possible for them. What’s kept him going year after year, though, is, as he says, “the contact with the customers. It’s more of a personal relationship. We know their names, we know their dog or cat, and also, we like to be able to provide good food and educate people.”

With a sign in the window that reads “Long Live Cats and Dogs,” this cozy Kitsilano shop is immediately recognizable as a safe haven for furry four-legged creatures. Inside, Gerard has worked hard to confirm the initial impression by stocking nutritious pet foods that are free of processed junk. He believes animals only deserve the best food available, setting The Cat and Dog Shop apart from the big-box stores that are primarily interested in sales.

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