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3049 Broadway W, Vancouver BC V6K 2G9
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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?

    Great experience and life saving eye exam

    I came into Dr Mackenzies office for a basic eye exam. I had not had one in 3 years and I heard your supposed to come in once a year. I came in the staff were very nice. The office looks a little out dated but hey dont judge a book by its cover. What I didnt know if that when they check your eyes they check the pathology in your eye. This means they can diagnose many things not just eye diseases by looking in your eye. I had been having head aches for awhile and Dr Mackenzie was able to see I had a small tumour and diabetis in one appointment. This was caught early so Dr Mackenzie saved my life. Thanks to him Im gona be around a lot longer.

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