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827 Denman St, Vancouver BC V6G 2L7
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  • Mexicaine,

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“I love Poncho’s, it’s my pride and joy! I love coming here every day and opening the doors. I turn upside down to please my customers,” beams Kaeta Vazquez, the charismatic host and proud founder of Poncho’s Mexican Restaurant.

Raised in Mexico City, Kaeta was always happiest in the kitchen cooking with her mother. “People always loved my cooking, so I grew up dreaming of one day opening my own restaurant,” says Kaeta, who ran a successful Mexican restaurant in Montreal prior to moving to Vancouver in the 1980s. “We came across this Italian restaurant for sale, which had changed owners many times that year (1988). Everyone told us 'this place is haunted, you’ll never make it,'” reflects Kaeta.

But they were wrong. It turned out that 835 Denman just needed an owner passionate about food and customer service. “It was such a small place that we often had to turn customers away because we were full,” says Kaeta. After seven years, Poncho’s current Denman location opened up, and ever since Kaeta has been able to delight more guests with authentic Mexican dishes and the warm, inclusive atmosphere of her beloved second home.

“Since we’ve been open I’ve seen so many Mexican restaurants come and go, so we are the eldest. It’s kind of a landmark,” smiles Kaeta. Indeed, countless positive reviews in local newspapers and recommendations in travel guidebooks later, Poncho’s remains a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

In 2012, Kaeta was the proud recipient of the Empresarial Award from the Mexican Consulate for her dedicated efforts to share authentic Mexican cuisine and culture with Vancouver.

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