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    Steve O

    Great products, b...

    Great products, but the staff are unapproachable. There are a couple of men working there that you just don't want to speak to, i actually got told of for touching a wallet. It did say do not touch (which I obviously did not see) but I am 50, and to get told of like a child is insane. My wife was currently spending almost a $100 while this happened I should have asked her to refund her purchases but we needed them. We will vote by not returning. This is all based on 3 visits not just one.

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    If you're going on a trip travel here first!

    Wanderlust is conveniently located on 4th avenue in Kits and they offer everything for travelers from serious to armchair. With a great selection of guides, maps and books they have everything you need to plan your next expedition. And once you've planned it they also provide all of the accessories you could possible need as well! Travel lights, power adapters and all kinds of other items are available to meet your needs. But then, of course, you're going to need something to pack all of your items. Good thing Wanderlust carries luggage as well! Like the title of the review says...if you're going on a trip travel to Wanderlust first!

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