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  • Service: 1/5
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My Dr is Lavanchy...

My Dr is Lavanchy. I find him to be a newbie Dr with the mentality of a walk-in Dr. A family Dr should be able to (and WANT to) get to know their regular patients on a more personal level. They should be involved in the patience concerns more then just writing a prescription, telling you 'good day', and run out to the next paying customer. The receptionists are very immature and rude and not very inviting. The Dr's need to whip them in to shape or be more professional in selecting their staff. Come on! Are you TRYING to maintain a second rate practice???

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I found Dr Covase...

I found Dr Covaser to be a very thourough and personable doctor. He is great with our 14 year old boy. As for the receptionists, I found them to be busy, and yet professional in their manner and the service they provide. I would recommend this clinic although I believe they are not taking new patients at this time.

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Steve B

I really like the...

I really like the Drs. We had Dr Hugo until he moved on and now have Dr Lavenchy. I agree with the reviewer below - the receptionists are AWFUL! So rude on the phone and face to face. I wouldn't think this is all the receptionists but certainly the ones I've spoken to. They must hate working there.

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I really love my ...

I really love my doctor from here but the receptionist just keep getting worse. Their attitude are awful. They are rude and treat you like just some number. Getting appointments is getting tougher to 7 months ago if I called first thing in the morning I could get an appointment for sometime that day. Now it's like pulling teeth to even get one for the next day. All that kinda offsets the fact that my doctor is really amazing

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I find Dr. Hugo t...

I find Dr. Hugo to be tempermental, today he sent a fax for an ultrasound on my right shoulder and that I have to wait 2 months to see/talk to him. (He's my doctor, I shouldn't have to wait THAT LONG, especially since I am diagnosed with seizures and have been through 7 car accidents!) And he gave 2 sighs-the kind a person gives when they're impatient.

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Jody K

Hours of Operation

When we first started going to Vintage View the hours were M-F 9-6pm sun 10-2 The hours have changed M-F 9-5 NO WEEKENDS. This is not possible for some people to do. Most people can't just leave work that easily. I have found a clinic with MUCH better hours but Vintage View wants to charge $40 a person to transfer charts. They are all on comp so $40 to push a button seems a little pricey. We are forced to moved due to the fact we can not get in to see our DR when we are available. You can keep my chart have fun with it!!!

Service: 1/5
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