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    candywaffles000 .

    Worst visit to the clinic it was here and get out

    Very Terrible. I waited for 30 mins in the waiting room which wasn't a big deal it's a clinic What bothered me was waiting in the doctors room for almost an hour and patients were been served first when we were there first They did not already have a appointment they were waiting just like me. When he finally came in he basically did NOT check what was wrong with me. Gave me a prescription for my nasal problem and gave me an address for a pregnancy test. When he could have done one at the clinic

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    Carrie W

    I visited this cl...

    I visited this clinic for the first time, and found it a delightful surprise. Great, friendly and courteous front staff. And my doctor, John, was so great at listening and helping. My first time dropping in here, and I just had to remark how exceptional the team was. If you're looking for people who care and treat you good, I'd recommend West Kelowna Walk-in & Family.

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    Dr. Maritz is not...

    Dr. Maritz is not only rude but extremely unprofessional. I was called by the hospital to come in for a CT Scan which I did not need. She had not given me any results or notice of the Scan. When I did hear from her over the phone that day she was extremely rude to me when I questioned her about my results, wouldn't explain the results to me and just said I had to go have a scan done. Upon further questioning her she just hung up on me. I was shocked by her arrogance and rudeness.

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    Dawn L.

    I shouldn't have had to do a urine test for back pain, I took training as an MOA, when the patient tells you they have back pain, THEY HAVE BACK PAIN, and Dr. McNern should have written that down on my x-ray form yesterday! I'll be telling my family about this when I visit them @ the end of the month-for my 34th b-day!

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    Réponse du marchand 4 novembre 2014

    The urine test was to rule out a possible kidney infection. If you took an MOA course then you should also know that kidney infection can present itself as back pain.

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