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    Paul M

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    Fantastic margaritas and nachos!

    Tried Carlos & Murphy's for the first time a few weeks ago, at the strong recommendation of my friend (who accompanied me). I'm just sorry I didn't go sooner! Delicious, casual, unpresumptuous Mexi-American food. The nachos were HUGE, delicious, and well-layered (I hate it when only the top level of nachos gets any of the "good stuff"; not the case here!). I almost regret getting the taco salad; not because it wasn't good (it was fantastic), but because there was just SO much food. I have to admit, I'd hesitate to even label the dish a "salad"; it was so coated with dressing, guacamole, and refried beans that I don't think it deserves a deceptively healthy label like salad. Regardless, it was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Margaritas were on special, so I enjoyed one; I appreciate that you can get them on the rocks, as opposed to slush-only. Overall, a great meal that took me back to fun times in Mexican Town in Detroit... I'll be back!

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