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    I took my son her...

    I took my son here to see Dr.McManus a little while ago for his first check up as he came highly recommended by a friend. He was very nervous, but the hygienist was amazing with him! Explaining everything to him beforehand in terms he could understand. I found out he had a number of cavities, and Dr. McManus suggested that he be put under a general anesthesia to have all the work done at once. Naturally, I was nervous about this and had a lot of questions. Dr. McManus was amazing, taking the time to answer all of my questions and ease many of my fears. However, I was appalled by rude one of the other hygienists was being while we were still talking. She interrupted more than once to tell him that he was running behind schedule and later began snapping her fingers at him occasionally. This made me feel very uncomfortable and rushed. As we were getting ready to leave, I heard the same hygienist, loudly and very rudely, reprimand one of her co-workers. It was very unprofessional and somewhat saddening to think that this behaviour may actually be tolerated. The front end staff were exceptionally kind and polite, submitted pre-approvals on my behalf to the insurance and made me feel very comfortable to call if I had any other questions. Other than the unprofessional behaviour from one of the hygienists, I was very happy with the experience at this office and highly recommend it!

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    Saw the dentist i...

    Saw the dentist in March, referral to Dr. McManus in beginning of May, submitted all necessary paperwork of dental surgery the following week... and now it is the end of July and we still don't have a surgery date - My son is on a waiting list to make the appointment. I think they may have too many surgical clients. They can't handle them all. Next time (if there is a next time) we will use Children's Dental World. Once the paperwork is submitted, surgery is usually completed within 6 wks.

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    We just moved in ...

    We just moved in the area and took my daughter to see Dr. McManus as his clinic was close by and came highly recommended. My daughter enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff were great at making us feel comfortable. Highly recommended.

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    Did not clean my ...

    Did not clean my child's teeth properly and told me that they required fillings. After going to get a second opinion the dentist we went to said that he had no cavities and thought that it was the first time my child was getting a clean since they were so poorly cleaned the first time. Sorry my child had to go through that.

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