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Fitness Physiotherapy Services of Manitoba Ltd (204-982-9600) - Annonce illustrée======= - OF MANITOBALTD. #7 1604 ST. MARY S ROAD 135 ROSLYN ROAD or Located in Osborne Village (At Pilates St. Vital) (By the foot of the Osborne St. Bridge) Parking in rear Anne Dawson - Gisele St. Hilaire - Lesa Campbell - Marina Pianosi Anastasia Meseman - Matei Dragne - Giana Sherbo PHYSIOTHERAPY FOR ALL INJURIES, TMJ, MUSCLE AND JOINT PAINS - Acupuncture - Neuromuscular Repatterning - Pilates Rehab Style - Certified Stott Pilates Instructors - Reconditioning - Core Muscle Conditioning - Manual Therapy - Feldënkrais  Method - Stabilization Exercise - Craniosacral Therapy - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation - Dry Needling - Autopac - WCB Injuries - Neurofascial Release - Melt By Appointment Only Hours: Mon-Fri FITNESS PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICES 9am-7pm 204-982-9600

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