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    Jason M

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    Jordon K

    I don't agree at ...

    I don't agree at all with the other persons comment.. they're great there, and very friendly

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    Freya Q

    Looking up the co...

    Looking up the comments I found in internet and hearing the complaints from people I know whom been to this clinic, seems this clinic's reputation has been infamous for a long time. Having good doctors doesn't help all the time if the front desk people treated you so rude before you see the doctor. The front desk lady mess up appointment twice--and I've only been there 3 times so far. Her supervisor is very rude as well. No wander the front desk lady is trained like that.

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    The doctors are g...

    The doctors are great. The front desk is really bad. There's two ladies working but they dont seem to care about the patients. We waited for 30min an went up to her and asked if our doctor is still available to see us but she just pointe at the chair and didnt say a word (she wasnt on the phone or anything). Both of them are so rude. They shouldnt even be working here. They are making the clinic loom bad because of their attitude.

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    Vanessa K

    Dr Lazarus is one...

    Dr Lazarus is one of the best doctors in the city; very thorough and will work with you to resolve concerns. Sometimes I have to wait an hour or so to see him but in my opinion a good doctor is worth the wait. If there is no wait at the doctors office then they probably aren't very thorough.

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    Mohamad K

    This clinic has r...

    This clinic has really poor front desk help. The clerk is very rude and miserable

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