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wait times and se...

wait times and service on average with other clinics

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Nhiwitzki H

Waste of my time

I'm not the kind of person who like to write reviews for anything at all. This is the first. Waited for 1 and 1/2 hr just to get a 2 mins check up. Something is wrong with my foot. That's why I went to get it check up. I don't just go there to waste my time. The doctor rub my foot for 30s and said nothing is wrong, probably just a strain. Like really? My fault to trust a walk in clinic. If I've the money I'd go see a physiotherapist but I don't so I was hoping the doctor can at least try to diagnose it. But no. I wasted my time there. Never going back.

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Same all over the province

The wait time is about the same as the other clinics I've been to. I believe my family doctor is even worse. Just visited this clinic (RKM) today (my son is the patient) and our wait time is 2 hours. At our family doctor, even with an appointment it's 2.5 to 3. But the thing is, the receptionist lied to me. She said she gave me back my Man Health card and I just left it inside the doctor's table. I did not even get close to the table :-( But because of their zero tolerance to verbal abuse, I did not say a word. But lying is a form of abuse isn't it?

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Dont bother

This place is overcrowded and very slow, and I have never been to a worse clinic. Even if your one of the first people to show up early in the morning you'll be waiting for hours. I went because of back pain caused by a motorcycle accident and Dr Mahay was reluctant to even give me a week off work to heal. All he wanted to do was give me pain killers and send me right back to my physically demanding job where there was no way my back would be able to heal. i had to tell him atleast 3 times i was unable to perform my job without being in serious pain and that my employer even told me to take time off.

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