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Shelley F

Little known secret

They are one of the best places in town for a steak! I hate seafood and had to go there for a luncheon. Thought I'd have nothing to eat. Imagine my delight when I got one of the best steaks I've ever had!

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Delicious Seafood

went in for the endless shrimp and it was amazing, they have so many different choices. LOVE the biscuits!! you cannot duplicate them

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Good Food, But Unexpected Surprises

Personally, I love Seafood more than anything, We decided to go and treat ourselves to a great meal and visited the Red Lobster on Portage. The service was great; some of the best service I've ever had, and I was quite pleased with both the service and MOST of the food. The appetizers were amazing, as was the lobster, although when it came to the shrimp.. Well, I was very disappointed and disgusted. I know that they must clean hundreds and hundreds of shrimp, but this was unacceptable. I had both a Skewer of shrimp, as well as Shrimp in a bowl with butter, and every single shrimp was NOT deveined. They still had their "poo sacks" inside, and it wasn't just a little bit, it was the whole entire thing. I starred at it for a while, and tried to clean out the shrimp so I could try and enjoy my meal, but once my napkin was spoiled with their insides, I was quite turned off and couldn't eat any more. I really love the restaurant, and I really want to go back, although I'm quite disappointed because of what happened. The manager was very lovely, and I hate to make anyone get in trouble, but I think you should seriously think about hiring a better shrimp deveiner. It was disgusting and no one should have to go through that, not knowing that they're actually eating the unremoved feces while thinking it's just a little bit of sand. It's unfair and unhealthy.

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Well Red Lobster has always been popular for a...

Well Red Lobster has always been popular for a saturday evening. My family and i arrived and it was packed, we drove around for about 10 minutes before we decided to park at polo park across the street. We waited for about 45 mintues to get our seat and that wasn't too bad a wait despite the crowded lobby and lounge areas. We were seated close to the kitchen/washrooms but i dont have any complaints about that. Our server came and took our drink orders and soon enough came back with our drinks. After 10 minutes we ordered our food. First came our appetizers then our salad and then our main dishes. The meal was very enjoyable and our server was on top of everything and very courteous which is always a plus. Word of advice, try not to fill up on the delicious garlic cheese buns because they are quite filling. After we ate we received our bill and our total was $107. It was a pleasant evening but very busy like any other weekend. It's a restaurant I highly recommend if you're in the Polo Park area.

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red lobster

the best seafood in manitoba great service prices are ok for what you get service is very prompt and courteous

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The best sea food in town.

I live in tucson and the food at Red Lobster is the best sea food in town!!!!!!!! I reccomend to everyone...

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This is the only restaurant I go when I want a seafood feast. Everything is done to perfection, not to mention their ultimate cheesy garlicy cheddar bay buiscits. Although it's a little bit on the pricey side but all entrees are accompanied by salad and a side so it balances out. Also there's an economical option available to choose 3 items and make a feast of your own and you can eat under 12 bucks at lunch or under 20 at dinner.

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