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    Alexander S

    Very Bad customer...

    Very Bad customer service. I ordered parts on a Friday and was told they would be in on Monday. Went to the store on Monday to check and was told that they were not there because of the weather. That didn't bother me. What bothered me was that I was told she would call with an update on when they would be in. Never heard back called on Wednesday and told not in and would call me back with an update. Never heard back. They do not live up to their word. It's now been over a week since the day O was told they would be in. I do not recommend this place.

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    Terrible Service

    I think the 5 star review may have been written by an employee, because the first 1 star review nailed it! This is by far the worst appliance repair company in Fredericton, for some reason they feel they are the only appliance repair shop in town and they treat you that way. If your lucky enough to get through on the phone you are greeted by someone who just answers the phone as "hello" and your not even sure if you called the right number. Then if you make it to the point of the conversation about why you are calling,(because the reception person is such a delight to talk to) you are told "one of the boys will get back to you". Really!? Isn't that the job of the person that answers the phone, to take a message and set things up? Then you get to wait for a phone call from this repair person, which could take anywhere from a day to never. I've called back 6 times now to have an appliance looked at and told twice someone would come look, they never showed. When I called back to talk to the delightful sales person at the service desk, they said they would call the "boys" again, guess what? My appliance is still broken 2 weeks later(and they haven't even looked at it. This has happened to me a few times with different repair calls and I am writing this review to warn people off. If you can go somewhere else to get repairs completed, go! Its not worth the time and aggravation to chase these people down and have to call them repeatedly just to try and get someone out to your house to at least look at the problem. Its a service you pay for and should receive quick, reliable and knowledgeable staff but with this company your not going to get that. Keep shopping around

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    Fast, Pleasant, Knowledgeable, and Professional

    From the moment I called reception, staff were very pleasant and accommodating. The technician called back quickly, was able to work around my schedule for a service call, and called the night before to confirm time. The technician correctly diagnosed the error code and the faulty part on my appliance, was able to order the part while still at the house, and called to arrange the repair and installation within a week (part had to be shipped). I was again contacted the night before to confirm time. The part installation resolved the problem completely. I would highly recommend and would definitely use them again. Great value and excellent service.

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    Worst Service Ever

    Absolutely among the worst service centres ever encountered. Not only are they unprofessional, they do not return phone calls, they miss appointments, receptionists couldn't care less and appear to spend their time making up excuses, and they do not call to arrange service when parts arrive. You have to chase them...a lot. In addition, while doing the original repair to my major appliance they broke two other key parts, and it took 5 MONTHS of calling, chasing, cajoling, etc. to get the repairs done for THEIR damage to my unit!! All the while we had to endure an appliance that was not working properly because of their incompetence. Run away, fast!! These guys are the worst.

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