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  • Service: 4.5/5
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Susan L

LOVE this place!

Extremely professional staff know their stuff!! Their product knowledge and technique is excellent. I would recommend them to anyone old or young! Love that they're open Sundays and holidays too, so convenient :)

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Fantastic Owner and Staff

Really appreciate the owner and Staff. Great spot. Would highly recommend.

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Awful experience

I've only been once, so I don't know what they're usually like but my experience was not pleasant at all. I was told by the desk I wouldn't be able to have the gel nails due to the time they'd take. I settled for shellac/hand massage. In the waiting lounge I was given delicious cucumber water. The room was very relaxing and I was very excited for my hand massage. When the woman came to do my manicure, she said she could in fact do the gels for me but that they would be "slightly more expensive". That was an understatement. It turned out to be far from a relaxing experience, as she made my fingers bleed & burn when she filed my nails and cuticles, and the gel was rigid and bubbly when finished. I would have been fine with this, except she did not mention that they would NOT come with the massage as the shellac did. I asked her how long she had been doing mani's and she told me she had been in the business for over something like 14 years. Sure. I then later found the cost would be $90+ upon leaving. I'm a 19yr old student, not a housewife. $90+ for a manicure is absurd! They didn't even have 3D nail art or anything special for the cost. The shellac french-mani & massage would have been only around $30. So yeah, disappointed.

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Hand's Down Best Spa in SJ!!

After having just recently moved to Saint John from a much larger city, I have bounced around from one spa/salon to another trying to find the "best" in town.. Well I've found it!!! Element 5 Spa by far has the most beautiful facilities, very conveniently located (yay for underground parking after having a pedi in these cold winter months) and the friendliest most professional staff!! Not to mention that they use only Aveda products, which who can resist :) Highly recommend anyone who hasn't been there yet check it out!!

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By far the best Spa around. Amazing decor, great staff & always so friendly. Every time I go in I leave relaxed & excited to return.

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Patsy S

Relaxing experience

Wonderful place to unwind and let the professionals take care of you with the services they provide (Pedicure for me). Next vist will be a massage. Location was very convenient from my work place. Also great tea!

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