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Scary-Run-down place

I reserved the room because I read good reviews online. They are probably the owner`s own reviews posted under different names because this place does not deserve any POSITIVE reviews. Anyways, this was my worst experience in all these years of travelling. The room was very old fashioned and the sheets looked like they weren`t changed as they had dust and marks on them. The blanket and the bed spread had a stinky smell, probably are never washed. And guess what....when I checked out, I went down the hill to get to the highway and saw the sheets outside on the deck for drying (pics attached). It was unbelievable what I saw.....a hotel drying sheets on the wooden deck next to the highway to get all the germs and dust on them. No doubt they were dusty! I am sure there are better choices in the city if you are looking to spend $55-$65 a night. I DEFINITELY DO NOT recommend this place to anyone. Thanks

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One Word- Nasty

Its an old-fashioned motel which either needs to be renovated or better be shut down. But definitely not worth spending a night. I will not recommend it to anyone.

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The lady was busy doing her own stuff when we were registering. We reserved the room on-line so could not cancel. Somehow registered, then went to the room which was smelly (mixture of smoke and must). The furniture was old, and so was the building. Wash-room was not clean, found hair in the tub and on the toilet. They had Wireless Internet which wont work from the room, and had to sit out in my car to use it. Will definitely not recommend this place. You can definitely find a better place at similar price. But BEWARE of this ONE.

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Filthy Rooms and Rude Staff

My wife booked the room believing the photos showed on the Internet. The room was so small to hardly accomodate the bed, and a table which was shaking. It was a non-smoking unit as per the owners but I could smell the smoke as soon as I entered the room. I said to her that I dont think I want to stay here and would like my money back. She said she would still charge me the price for 2 nights as the reservation has to be cancelled before 48 hours. I made a mistake of booking it as per the fake room photos on the Internet, and had to pay one night's money but didnt even spend 5 mins in the room. The owner was so rude and arrogant, and thought her rooms were similar to the 5 star hotels. I wanted to post my views so that no one else repeats this mistake, and end up losing money like I did. Thanks Bill

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