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    Marg C

    Unfriendly Attitude

    I rarely write reviews, and the few times I have, it is usually to say something good, but I have to say that this place leaves me cold! I had quite a few items consigned here some time ago. When I left the items with the store's owner, I didn't find her particularly friendly, but I just figured maybe she wasn't haven't a great day (still not really a good excuse). A few times, when I had to call to see how my consignments were doing, it was kind of the same thing, and then when it came to getting paid, I got a bit of a run around (had to wait, etc., etc.). I was always very polite to the lady, and when I finally did go in to receive my payout, I found her to be VERY rude. She wrote me out a cheque, and then handed it to me without EVEN LOOKING UP--no "thank you", "have a nice day", "see you later" or ANYTHING. It was ME who said "thank you" -- and -- shockingly--got no response. I left feeling really bewildered at the attitude of this lady--it is the customers who keep her business going, after all. I'm a big believer in supporting small business owners wherever possible, and I was delighted to find this store and hoped to be supportive, but after that I vowed never to darken the door of this place again, nor recommend it! Lady--it doesn't matter how pretty your store is--you REALLY need to start treating your customers better!!

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