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Being my dentist ...

Being my dentist of 25 years, I went to Dr. O’Malley with significant damage to my front teeth. I now understand the care and skill that goes into reshaping a smile. Dr. O’Malley is an artist. She sculpted two new front teeth; removing imperfections from the originals. However, she crafted my new teeth with a human touch. In a way that was natural and consistent with the rest of my teeth and face. I cannot say enough about her ability and experience. Awesome dentist. Amazing result.

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She had her staff...

She had her staff write on people's charts that, "Patient understood treatment and costs" and then had the patients sign their charts, huge red flag. A woman came in for a cleaning my first day, Dr. O'Malley kept her there late into the night doing all kinds of work that maxed out her insurance in one visit. English wasn't the patients first language and she still had her sign her chart, despite refusing to answer the patient's questions about her own treatment.

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Patient focused family dentist

Dr. Arab O'Malley has been our family dentist for 13 years. She is very caring and professional. She always explains treatment options in detail. She fixed some spacing between my front teeth. The results were fabulous. I highly recommend her.

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