Since 1975, or for over 35 years, Big Al's has provided its patrons with the largest selection of aquariums, aquarium furniture, and aquarium supplies, as well as an extensive variety of marine fish, live corals, goldfish and tropical fish. We are fervently committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our esteemed clientele, and are dedicated to providing our guaranteed lowest prices at all times. Our superstores are designed to provide technical services as well as a vast array of equipment to both the first time hobbyist and ultimate aquatic specialist. Renowned as The Aquarium and Pond Hobby Specialists, Big Al's is currently comprised of 16 operational superstores across North America. plus...
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    Drift Wood with a side of Bedbugs

    I was fine with the service that you get normally from big al's. The staff were friendly enough. But I bought a piece of what looks like drift wood from here and when I took it home it got washed and immediately put it in the tank. A couple days later I'm looking in the tank and there are a few bed bugs crawling around. I am not impressed at all!

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    14 mai 2014

    Greetings, I can appreciate your circumstance. However, we have inspected all our driftwood in store and we have not fount evidence of bed bugs or other insects. We have been using the same supplier for over 15 years and have had no issues to date.

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