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Beyond Excellent!

The atmosphere is what first attracted me to this place. Both the staff and patrons were very welcoming. People are always laughing, even strangers said "hi" and the staff made me feel like a guest in their home. One bartender is particularily funny, and another knows a little bit about everything and makes a real effort to make you feel welcome. You will hear about 4 different accents at any given time. If I want to feel like I am in Europe I just go to Walkers. I am not one to dine out as I am very fussy, but my goodness, the fish and chips were amazing (in my top 5 ever!) and Friday nights it is on special. $7.99 and you are full! I recently tried the wings and the lemon pepper are now something I crave. The soups are great, all home made. I am not a big fan of spicy food but the Curried chicken is fantastic. I have to admit my best culinary experiences have been when Cathy is working. I guarantee if she is working you will be very satisfied. She takes pride and cares in the meals she prepares, hence why I referred to the food as a "culinary experience." I suggest you see if she is working before ordering. I have never eaten there during the day so I cannot comment on day cook. I believe it is Wednesday nights they have appetizers on half price and the fritters are delicious. In reference to the previous review, I assure you I have no affility to walkers pub and am not an employee and this is a true and honest review. I will say, that if you have had way too much to drink and do not treat the staff/patrons with respect you will likely be asked to leave. It is a place for good, clean, hostile- free fun. And the food, when Cathy is working is one of the best kept secrets in Brampton. It is a family owned business and by the end of your visit you will feel like a part of theirs.

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Not Really

Well, Its Not That Good, Its Ok, But Not Somewhere You Wanna Go With Friends. Kinda A Darkish Bar, Low Class Clientèle. I Won't Visit Again.

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Excellent food good people and good times. If you like english football this is the place to be

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BEST wings we have ever had. We now go every Thur...

BEST wings we have ever had. We now go every Thur for wings. Beer is fresh and cold, all the time. Big selection on menu for both drinks and food. Defiantly recommend this pub to anyone.

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