Halton Honda

4100 Harvester Rd, Burlington ON L7L 0C1
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  • Service: 1/5
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Terrible Service

If you like getting poor/sketchy service this is the place to go. I, along with a few acquantances have had service at this location and after several service's there seems to be something "conveniently" wrong. I would go here for all my regular services but started noticing more and more problems after i left the location and they always explain the problems as being coincidences but i can't believe that after 3 separate occurances where i had a service done and that day or the next day i started experiencing new problems. I can't prove this but i have stopped going as i cannot trust this service dept. Also they never have the car ready on time, it is always late.

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6 janvier 2012

Dear Bill5555. I have just seen you review and am anxious to understand more about your concerns. Without knowing any details about you or your vehicle I can not provide any kind of specific response. I can assure you that we are an ethical, long standing family business that, according to extensive third party surveying, enjoys consistently high ratings of loyalty and satisfaction by our customers. All customer concerns are taken seriously and an opportunity to review your specific concerns would be appreciated.


Avoid this place

The service center here is terrible, they never have your car done on time, it is very expensive, they do things you didn't ask them to do and on numerous occasions i left with new problems that i never had before i went here. For example i went in for an oil change and all of a sudden i had a rad leak which i never had before you took it in and they seem to think it is a coincidence. I know a few other people that have similar problems so my advice is save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else.

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