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    Bad Experiance

    Purchased a used 2002 mazda from Terry, at Car-o-line Auto Chesterville. May, 2011. Nothing but problems. At the time of purchase, Car-o-line was unable to produce the used car report Within 3 days, the engine light came on ... Error code P00300 and P00430, took it Car-o-line and they had no idea what was wrong, at our expense over the next 3 weeks we had to replace spark plugs spark plug wires ignition wires catalytic converter Car-o-line paid us $300 on a app $2000 bill within the next week, the front end started to vibrate when the brakes where applied, at our expense we had to replace front rotors stabilizer and our garage had to re-tighten previous work done my car-o-line mechanics within two weeks after that the battery light came on, at our expense we had to replace the alternator Car-o-line has offered no further assistance addressing these shortcomings. Given our experience, in my opinion I cannot in good faith recommend this auto dealer

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