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    Ive had no issues with this company. The people behind the scenes are very nice and helpful. My mailbox key didnt work right away but they came and fixed it, the guy who did the maintenance was really funny.

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    Gow property management is a business and with all small business they have the occasional hiccup but Gow property Management had none that I had a issue with. The Person who picks up the phone is very nice and great to talk to, she also answered all my questions regarding the property. Todd who showed me the unit was very helpful and was able to tell everything I need to know. Overall Gow property management was a good place to find somewhere to live at a decent price.

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    As a property management company, they are less than useless. If you are with them, keep VERY close track of rent paid and when. Repairs are non-existant, and it's like pulling teeth to contact them.

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    6 décembre 2013

    It has been my experience in this business that sometimes tenants make comments like this because they haven't paid their rent and are getting evicted. Keep track of rent paid and when? We do not have any problems with tenants who pay their rent in full and on time. Sounds to me like you are one of those tenants who got mad because you didn't pay your rent and were being evicted. Funny how that makes me a bad property manager - for doing my job.


    terrible stay far away!

    Stay away from this property management if you can. They are not proactive on problems, and they will not fix or do any repairs within a reasonable time frame. It took the landlord a month to dril a whole for my mailbox it's now been two months and I have yet to have any key. It's been almost 3 weeks I sent a repair request, the landlord said they were going to send someone last week. Absolutely useless save yourself the trouble and stay away from this rental property management if you don't want a headache. There are much better management companies that are in the same ball park in monthly pricing. You have been warned.

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