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    Don't leave a car here

    You leave your car here it's gonna come out with more damage than it going in. Proper precautions are not taken to insure that your vehicle is safe from damage on the property. These guys only care about the commercial contracts they have doing large trucks, and even then I've seen some questionable practices. Laughable incompetence when it comes to actually dealing with customer cars.

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    Keelan M

    Disappointed in quality of work

    I picked O’Sullivans to fix my car due to it being slightly cheaper than the rest in the area. And boy do I regret that, I wish I paid more and had a quality job done with more care being taken. From my car being late, over the week promised (due to wrong part coming in apparently), over spray on my car, trim came back worse on the used door then my old door, and rust being “blended” over instead of them offering me to fix it, leaving wax on the car, the list goes on and on. Buyers beware

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    This shop mostly ...

    This shop mostly does commercial vehicles. So they won't give much attention to quality. They replaced a bumper on my car and workmanship is way below standard. In the process they scratched the back off the car causing even more damage. Make sure you ask to see the old parts before paying them and inspect the whole car before taking possession. Take pictures before and after. I would rate them zero stars if it were possible.

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