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    Stephanie,s just lost a good client.

    I've been a very good client for 25 years but no more! Tonight, my chicken brochette was overcooked and very dry; my shrimp too salty and dry. The manager just apologized and I still got the full bill despite the fact that I didn't eat my main dish. I'm very disappointed... but I will not go back!

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    A Place to Visit

    Many places are fit for different occasions but I believe that Stephanie's is a restaurant for any occasion from a business meeting to a birthday party. The atmosphere is warm and keeps the costumer in the mood for some good hearty food. The elevated table positions make the costumer feel more important, but could be a nuisance to older people. The only thing about the decor that striked me as negative were the ugly-green coloured chairs. I arrived earlier during dinner service so I guess I caught the staff off guard and that is why I had to seat myself. When the server did arrive however, he was very polite and showed much professionalism. He was there for me when i needed him and disappeared when I didn't. Fantastic job on his part. My dish arrived faster than i anticipated. Presentation was fair, and rather appealing to the eyes. The texture of the lamb as well as the taste made for a very nice experience during every bite. I was not a fan of the false advertising of scalloped potatoes thought. I would say i was served sliced and spiced potatoes which I enjoyed none the less. Overall a very nice plate. The dishes at Stephanie's are conservative in size so do not expect to be going home with leftovers. To end off the experience they have a vast selection of cakes and pies to satisfy every palate. Be warned however, they will bring every cake to the table. I would suggest to the staff, 1 slice of each on a tray to bring to the table instead so that the process of choosing doesn't take a lifetime. As you can see it isn't perfect but I believe Stephanie's is a swell place to bring your sweetheart for a date or your boss for a meeting. The price is reasonable and you get what you pay for. It is definitely a place to visit when you're in town.

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    Best restaurant in town

    I've been in Hawkesbury for many years and this is without a doubt the best restaurant around. The staff is friendly and efficient and the food is of great value, quality and taste. I am never dissapointed when I visit Stephanie's.

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