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    A midscale steakhouse and pub with nice atmosphere

    We drove by this restaurant earlier in the day, and there did not appear to be any customers at that time as there were only one or two vehicles at the time. However when we went back for dinner, there were more vehicles but still only a couple of patrons. Karen was feeling a little under the weather and couldn’t decide on anything that she thought would not upset her stomach so all she ended up having was some French bread. There were several nice items I was interested in trying but decided to just have a jerk chicken wrap although all of the specials sounded quite appetizing. We passed on desert on this particular occasion but based on the taste of the meal I had they would surely have been good. It definitely has the feel of being in cottage country and we’ll probably go back the next time we are in the area. Would love to try some of the other items on the menu as I thought my wrap was a little on the bland and simple side but that was just after having some very good ones in the Caribbean. Not sure if there was any Wi-Fi as I did not check and we did not see a patio of any kind for the summer months which would be a detraction for us.

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    Expectations were High, but reality was Low!

    The sign had us excited! It said "Chef owned and operated". I think it was just a neighborhood bar with from the freezer food. Every thing was pricey, but the food definitely wasn't worth it.

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    This was 1 of 2 restaurants my bf and I visited on our weekend trip to the Muskoka area. We saw this one over the river while visiting another one and walking along the water, thought hey that looks good we'll give it a try tomorrow. The service was SLOW, they had more employees standing around talking to each other drinking pops and 'chilling' at another table across the way than they did to serve their customers. It wasn't busy, it was just after lunch 1pm. Our server was friendly, but when you take forever to take an order, you have a kitchen staff member deliver it, and then wait an hour to come back and say how was it do you need anything else and then another 20 minutes to get the bill its a bit excessive. We each ordered a cheeseburger, one with fries, and one with the salad. The salad was great. But the burgers pretty much taste like they got them from Walmart and cooked them up, when you goto a restaurant that isn't fast food you expect a bit higher than that. I had asked for a side of mayonaise for my sandwich, I never got it, we asked for bruschetta as an appetizer, it never came. Way too slow, and just wasn't worth it. The only thing we found good about this restaurant was the view, and we didn't even get to sit outside!

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    • $11 ... $25

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    • Grilladerie

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    • Cuisine américaine


    • Hamburger
    • Steak
    • Ailes de poulet
    • Wrap
    • Salade
    • Soupe

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    • Anglais