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    Worst Customer Se...

    Worst Customer Service EVER!! Nobody treats their customers worse than Envy Nails. They lied to me, over-charged me, added on a 25% "tax" and laughed at me in whatever their language is. They treat all their customers with complete disrespect. BTY - You can expect your nails to chip, crack or fall off within a day or two.

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    I've gone here ab...

    I've gone here about 4-5 times with two of my girlfriends. We try to go once a month, however our last visit was the LAST visit. We were all getting pedicures when the woman doing my girlfriends feet openly asked her infront of other customers if she'd like her toes and feet waxed as they were "very hairy". When she said no, she said "are you sure? They're really bad." I was dumbfounded. Never have I heard someone speak to a customer that way! Then, when we moved to mani's, I had asked to get gel nails as I bite my nails. The gentleman at the front then came and told me that going forward I need to ask for this in advance, such as call. Why would I call? It's a walk in. We won't be going back there again, waste of my money!

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    Disrespectful to customers

    Wow, the service at Envy Nails has gone done hill badly over the years!!! I have been a regular there for years but not anymore. You would think they would value their regulars but they don't, they see you as nothing but a pest. I have heard the owners say terrible things behind my back and other customers' backs as well. They now appear to be so bored of doing nails after years and years that they no longer care. I would not recommend Envy Nails to anyone unless you like being treated like garbage.

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    Amazing People, Amazing Service

    I first went here after it being recommended by a friend. I had my nails ruined at another salon nearby. The staff were friendly, helpful, and fixed my nails. I have been going there now for 3 years, and would recommend it to anyone. I have recommended it to a friend 2 years ago, and she is still going there now. I can not say enough good things about them. Love love love.

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