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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
500 Hazeldean Rd, Ottawa ON K2L 2B5
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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Marg B

    I was a walk in client for a pedicure and I was taken immediately. I had Mila (sorry for spelling mistake). She was excellent. She was thorough and very fast. I truly enjoyed my experience and I will return. The paraffin wax treatment was awesome. Thanks

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    I've been here twice, and both times had the same experience. I had Anna, who kept telling me to relax because she thought my hands were tense, but it was my bones she was feeling because my hands were so contorted! I remember at one point she twisted my thumb almost 180 degrees and I was afraid she was going to break my thumb! I said ouch to let her know it hurt, but she just twisted my thumb more and told me to not watch her work. My nails ended up misshapen and uneven. Won't be back.

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    they damaged my ...

    they damaged my nail so severly it has not grown back properly in two years.I'm still suffering from an abnormal index fingernail. I do not recommend this establishment. Please go to a professional salon instead where they have proper training.

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    This place was aw...

    This place was awful. As soon as we walked in, the smell of chemicals was overwhelming. I get my nails done every couple of weeks and have been to many salons in Toronto and Ottawa but have never walked into a salon that smelled so strongly of chemicals. They must not have any ventilation. I had an appointment for a shellac removal and was going to get a manicure as well but I knew I couldn't last more than 10-15 minutes in this place so decided to opt out of it. The receptionist was not happy I was only there for a shellac removal and tried to convince me into getting my eyebrows waxed by telling me "You REALLY need to get them waxed, badly." Nice try but insulting your customer's appearance is definitely not the way to get my business, anyway. As for the shellac, instead of using a towel underneath my hands at her station (as every other salon I've been to), the manicurist ripped a page out of an In Touch magazine. As soon as she tin foiled my fingers she began to remove the tin foil and try to scrape off the shellac with all her strength. I had to ask her to stop because it not only hurt but I could see she was starting to scrape off the top layer of my nail in the few places she could take off the shellac. You’re suppose to let the alcohol sit on your nails for 10-15 minutes before removing it to prevent nail damage and because it’s peels right off with the right amount of time. She gave it another 3 minutes before trying another finger and gouging my nail. Again, I asked to give it 10 minutes before trying. By the time she was done she had butchered my nails! They are absolutely destroyed - scrapped up, with huge indents where she dug in her metal tool too hard. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Do yourself a favour and don’t risk going to this place! There are a ton of other places in Kanata that will be worth your time.

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    Gael M

    Always such an am...

    Always such an amazing experience. Danny is such a great owner, he makes the experience even more enjoyable. All of the women there are amazing at manis and pedis. Dannys Nails is the best salon is Ottawa. Worth the 25 minute drive from my house.

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    Christine A

    Excellent Service and Facility

    Anna is the BEST! She makes recommendations when she thinks I won't like something, she accommodates my schedule, her nail art is beautiful. She takes pride in her work and makes sure I am happy at every step The facility & tools are scrubbed with top of the line solutions(Accel Prevention Cleaner on the pedicure tubs & Accel CS20 disinfectant for tools-I looked it up) They use the latest products/techniques so my experience is always fun! I highly recommend Danny's Nails and Spa to everyone.

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    Serge G

    The service at Da...

    The service at Danny is amazing!! I have never been disappointed and I always recommend it to my friends and family!! Everyone is so friendly and I have been coming here since August religiously and I love it!

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    It's not even des...

    It's not even deserving on one star. The staff there are rude and argumentative with their clients. I had a terrible experience and will never go back there. The lady that did my pedicure was so rude and got frustrated with me when I asked her to cut my nails shorter. She continued to argue with me about that and when it came time to receive the foot "massage" she did it for about 10 seconds and then got up to go and answer her phone. She would slap my feet when she wanted me to move them into the tub or back up which I believe is very unprofessional and rude. I will never go back there again.

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    6 janvier 2015

    I do appreciated your feedback. I will make sure to re-train all of my staff members for their professionalism when it come to client services. As a apologize, I would like to offer you to come back to us for the same service with the free of charge. Sincerely

    Cherie T

    It's actually NO ...

    It's actually NO star at all, if they allow me to rate that way. Worst Medicare, pedicure experience I ever had in my entire life (& I do my nails every month). This is my first time coming to this place. I wanted to try it out because I was first attrated to the price... Not really too much cheaper than anywhere in Kanata though (just ~$10). The lady that did for me, Anna, never ever go to her. The first thing she came to me she gave me bad attitude, was very rude... She did such a bad job. Kept on saying that she can't do what I want (and it's actually a very simple nail design, nothing too fancy) and just because she doesn't know how to do it she mentioned that the design I wanted is ugly!! She even made soak my hands in hot water that's too hot for me. Asked me to do the nail design myself and she will be back to apply top coat for me! I went there because I need professional help, if i could do it myself why would I pay a salon to do it for me? I felt emotionally tortured in there that I almost cried because of the whole incident.. I have never felt like this before. She was so unprofessional. Subsequently, the boss came over to try to rectify the problem. He got another lady to redo it for me. And she managed to produce the result I wanted. However, I am utterly disappointed with this place and will never recommend anyone to go there. As I even overheard from the other costumer there that her manicurist had bad attitude too and refuse to do what she wanted too (the boss later on got another manicurist to help her, but that was after she was upset and when her sister; who went with her, complained to the boss).

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    8 janvier 2015

    Dear valued client, First of all, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We had a meeting with all of our staff regarding your post. Our goal for this year and many more to come is that no one else will have to experiences the same experiences that you had to go through. As a apologize, I would like to encourage you to come back and try our service again for the free of charge. It is important for us to gain back your trust and forgiveness.


    Needs a better receptionist

    Just had pedi and mani done ,hygiene is an issue ,I did not feel the place was clean enough ,I was cut twice on feet once with a cuticle cutter and then with a cheese grater look alike tool which was used to remove dead skin .The manicurist felt quite bad and I understand it could happen . My real problem was the receptionist ,when I was waiting to pay ,the lady ahead of me was charged no tax and then when it was my turn she calculates on her little calculator with tax and tells me the total ,when asked for a receipt she looked at me like I was such a bad person ,first of all when charging a customer a proper cash register should be used there is no need for a calculator . The receptionist hands me the receipt making no eye contact . I think it was rude and uncalled

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    8 janvier 2015

    Dear valued client, Thank you for your comments for our business. Sorry that it took us a long time to respond to this. Since you posted your comments, we are more aware in many fields to maintain our standard as a business. We are also working forward for client satisfaction and trust so that together we our serving our community. It has been a long time since you came to us. I would like to encourage you to come back and try our services again. We guarantee satisfaction or money back upon your next visit.

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