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    My birthday cake was so good!

    This morning I called La Sem to order myself a birthday cake. I made some changes to their regular way of making this cake and they took notes and were very accomodating. My husband picked up my cake at about 1:00pm and it was all ready. Brought it home and ate my first peice and shared a peice with my girlfriend and husband. All three of us enjoyed it very much and all had a second piece. I was very pleased with the service and the amount of fresh strawberries and custard I had in each layer of my cake. I am pretty sure both my girlfriend and husband would have had a third piece but I didn't offer since I want the rest for myself. LOL One regret is, I should have ordered a bigger cake. Thank you La Sem for my delicious cake and for adding the two slices of lemon on it in memory of my son Derick who loved lemons and passed two years ago. Got to go now I have some cake waiting for me. Cheers

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    Incredibly rude server!

    We had a very bad experience here at lunch with an incredibly rude server. Most of the staff are friendly and nice but this lady was very rude. When we order a sandwich, first she said "nobody is in the kitchen right now. We can't make it." Then the other yonger server told her that there is someone in the kitchen so they can make the sandwich. But this rude server was reluctant to take our order. She gave us condescending look. She started asking what we want in our sandwich discourteously. My husband said "OK. I don't want the sanwich anymore. Forget about it." and he left. I saw she started to eat her snacks and lunch right after. We left the bakery without getting the food. As I love their pastries and cakes, I really wish she quits her job. Otherwise, we are not going back there again.

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